The scout master will call the SPL and give them the callout then it goes to the ASPL then to the Patrol Leaders then it goes to the scouts PATROL LEADERS AND SPL AND ASPL you must give the call out by Friday before 5 o'clock if there is an event that weekend or by Sunday if it is just a meeting if you do not get a call out by Friday or Sunday you should call the person you get it from everybody has a life and sometimes forgets.

(call outs and reminders are below)

Weekly Call Out

We will be at the Emmaus Aquatic Club at 7 o'clock we will be doing.....

Address is 2546 Mill Creek RD in Emmaus

  • We will be doing are BSA Swim test for summer camp and also water rescues

  • if you are under first class bring your book so we can sign off on requirements and get you ranked up.

Important Upcoming Events

  • May 13-15 Lehigh District Spring Camporee

  • May 13-15 Philmont practice backpacking trip

  • May 27-30 Practice Philmont Backpacking Trip

  • April 3-5 OA Spring Weekend

  • April 6 Committee meeting

  • April 11 Eagle Court of Honer

  • April 11 Hike at trexler game pa-serve

  • April 17-19 truck show parking

  • April 18-28 Philmont Backpacking trip

  • July 4 Committee meeting

  • July 10-16 Summer Camp


  • July 23 Blue mountain Adventure Course

  • July 30-31 Backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail

  • August 1 Committee Meeting

  • August 5-7 Das Awscht Fescht Car Show Parking

Important Reminders

  • non