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Family Life Merit Badge

Why Should I Earn This Badge?
The family is the basic unit of society and is important to both individuals and communities. The world is rapidly changing, making today's society much more complex than ever before. As Scouts earn this merit badge, they will realize why it is important to know more about family life and how to strengthen their families.
Eagle Required Merit Badge: Yes
Expected Completion: This course will take at least 13 weeks to complete, due to length of Requirement 3.
Course Dates: To be announced once all the participants have been contacted. Meetings will be held in the Scout room at the Macungie Institute. Anticipate meeting a minimum of 4 times over the course of 3 months.
Additional Information: All coursework will be done by the Scout to ensure he understands all the concepts. After the initial meeting, it is each Scout's responsibility to check-in with the Counselor to address questions and to track the Scout's progress.
Note to Parents/Guardians: It is assumed that the qualities of the Scout Law and Oath/Promise extend to each Scout's parents/guardians; while they are welcome to participate in the "family discussion" portion of requirements, they should allow the Scout to complete all requirements on their own so that the Scout has a thorough understanding of the Merit Badge requirements.
Required Course Materials:
Family Life MB Book - May be borrowed from Troop Library or purchased in person or online [links open in new windows]
Family Life MB Requirements List [link opens in new window]
Family Life MB Workbook [PDF format]
Family Life MB Schedule and Syllabus [PDF format]
Questions: If you have any questions, please contact Beth Massa, Personal Management merit badge counselor.
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Oct 18, 2010, 5:41 AM