step 1 materials, bird seed, cord, cup, lard

Step one Making a bird feeder get materials
Bird seed, cord, paper cup, lard, pot to heat lard,
pot of cold water to cool bird feeder, foil or plastic
wrap or paper to finish.

step 2 melt lard on low heat until liquid
Step 2 melt lard on low heat

step 3 measure cord

Step 3 measure about 12 inches of cord

Step 4 put cord into cup, center it, pour in seed

Step 4 put cord into cup. Pour seed next.

Step 5 add liquid lard just to the top of the seed. Place cup in cold water

Step 6 wait about 30 minutes, wiggle out seed, wrap in paper, foil, or plastic.

You have a bird feeder to hang on a branch outdoors!

Our stream clean up on Macungie Borough's Mountain Creek included 13 scouts who cleaned up in and around the creek and down through the Macungie Memorial Park. The guys received hot dogs from the Macungie Park and cooked those for all the participating groups including Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Borough Council, and Macungie Park volunteers.

Pine Top Camp Serranova March 2014

We had a great camping trip to one of our favorite spots - Camp Serranova up on South Mountain March 2014. The snow on the ground tells you that we had a long snowy winter. The highlight of the trip was learning to build and sleep in our wilderness survival shelters.

Serranova snow camp February 2014

January we tried to camp up at Windy Knob cabin at Camp Trexler. Weather and schedules got in the way so we cancelled that trip. Instead we got up to Camp Serranova to the Granitz Cabin in February. Well 2014 was one snowy winter with over 65 inches of snow for the season recorded and our February trip had frozen deep snow and snow falling all day Saturday! Fun sledding and snowboarding on the hill all day Saturday.

This slide show is from our camping trip to Locust Lake State Park in August. There we did plenty of activity on the lake such as canoeing, kayaking, and gunnel jumping!

November 2012 we revived an old Macungie Troop 71 tradition of backpacking up South Mountain to Sheeprock Cave the afternoon preceding Thanksgiving. We trecked up, set up in the cave, hiked back down later for the Thanksgiving Service at Macungie Christian Community Church. Then we settled in for a chilly night (28 degrees!) under the stars. We had the pleasure of lighting the trail to lead the town back up the mountain for the Thanksgiving morning 5:30 am sunrise hike and Service of Thanks.
Who is Troop 71?

Troop 71 is located in Macungie, a small town located in Eastern Pennsylvania just south of Allentown and about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. "Macungie" is from the Lenni-Lenape Indian word maguntsche, which means "feeding place for bears."
We hold weekly meetings throughout the year on Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 P.M. From September through May we meet at the Macungie Institute (mapquest); from June through August we meet at Camp Serranova (mapquest).

CONGRATULATIONS to our recent Eagle Scouts: Doug Jackson (November 2012), Kevin Flynn (December 2012), and Shane Krause (February 2013)!

Troop 71 has been chartered by Solomon's UCC for over 84 years and we have 70 Scouts advance to Eagle.

Learn more about our Troop's history, courtesty of the Macungie Historial Society.

We are the proud recipient of the 2012 Journey To Excellence Gold award!

Eligibility: Boys from age 11 through 18 are eligible to join Boy Scouts. The boy does NOT need to be a member of Solomon's UCC or a student of the East Penn School District to join our Troop.

Scout involvement: Attendance at meetings and events is necessary in order for the boys to get the full Scouting experience.

Adult involvement: We actively welcome involvement from adults to support the Scouting program. We expect that each adult will assist with at least one activity per year.
What's going on: Check out our calendar below.
Who are we: Our leaders and Scouts are listed on the Troop roster.

Our next outdoor adventure information is here
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